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Observatory Attractions

This lovely bohemian southern suburb is an arty district locally known as "Obs". The main entertainment area is centered around the Lower Main Road. You’ll find quirky restaurants, easy-going bars, live music and lots of hippies in Observatory, which also represents one of the largest residential arts communities in South Africa. We're talking shabby chic.

People from various walks of life find themselves calling this area home. Youngsters, students, artists, philosophers, actors, backpackers and all kinds of weirdos engage in alcohol-fuelled debates about philosophy, politics, jazz, organic food, books, history and the arts. Enter any café in Obs by yourself and you simply know you will leave with a new friend, philosophy or self-produced poem.

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Read through the article (Link above) to get more details about the area and all it has to offer. Our staff will provide you with more detailed info and tips when you’ve settled in and are raring to go!

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